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Motivating Learning Environments (Certificate NDP)

This Motivating Learning Environments (Certificate NDP) at University of Arizona offers a chance to enhance students’ learning by knowledge of how to develop motivating learning environments.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 6 months
Starting in: August, January
Tuition Fee: $10,063 per semester
Location: Tucson, United States

Many teachers and administrators have rich understandings of teaching strategy and content, but have had little opportunity to explore theoretical or conceptual knowledge of how students learn.

In this Motivating Learning Environments (Certificate NDP) at University of Arizona, students have the opportunity to study rich concepts and theories that have been developed in the fields of motivation, instruction, and learning. Further, students will have the opportunity to study important issues in educational policy. These opportunities will explore past and modern conceptions of school reform.

Better understanding of how (and why) students learn in classrooms can lead to more focused and more effective instruction.


The University of Arizona College of Education offers rigorous academic programs with many nationally and internationally recognized faculty who conduct cutting-edge research, forge bold initiatives, and build community-based partnerships

Courses include:

  • Motivation and Development in Classroom Learning
  • Seminal Readings in Education and Educational Psychology
  • Learning Theory in Education
  • Psychology of Instruction

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“Choosing the Master’s program for Physiological Sciences at the University of Arizona was one of the best decisions I could have made in my education. Our department is warm and collaborative, offering an array of research topics and techniques underneath a vast and integrative umbrella of physiology. Beyond my research experience, I was presented with teaching opportunities, which I feel honed my skill of scientific communication. Having the dynamic research/teaching/class schedule not only kept me active but helped me reinforce material in multiple contexts. Overall, this program was exactly what I wanted in my segway into the medical sciences… and with my teaching assistantship paying for my tuition, how could I say no?”​

Andrew Wojtanowski // MS 2016